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With the goal of empowering citizen groups to defend access to the wild spaces they care about, the ELC and the Outdoor Recreation Council released Wild Places and Green Spaces: A Citizen’s Guide to Proving >

ELC Spotlight

We’ve said many times before that some ELC files need time to brew. Such was the case with our 2019 submission with Ecojustice to Canada’s Competition Bureau asking for an investigation into Keurig Canada’s claims about the recyclability of their coffee pods. Ironically, the submission was prompted by Keurig’s email to us claiming their coffee >

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Good News Story #3: Walking on Two Legs

Good News Stories: Celebrating Positive Changes in Environmental Law As part of our 25th Anniversary celebration, we’re sharing a series of Good News Stories that were inspired by the 2021 Research-a-thon. The goal of Research-a-thon 2021 was to share stories of positive change in public interest environmental law. The exercise virtually brought together students with >