Local Government Options to Mitigate Mining Impacts

New mining operations cause many concerns for local communities. While the operations bring the promise of jobs and economic growth, mining can also bring many negative impacts, such as noise, dust and air pollution, water contamination, environmental damage, and health impacts. Living in close proximity to coal mines has been linked to serious health problems such as chronic lung disease, kidney disease, and hypertension. Acid mine drainage can endanger local aquatic species (such as shellfish) and the local industries that rely on them, even long after a mine has closed. The good news is: local governments are not powerless. Though the jurisdiction to approve and regulate mines lies with the province, there are many other ways in which local governments can act to minimize the potentially harmful side-effects of such operations. In a new paper, Mitigating Community Impacts of Mining Operations: Options for Local Government, the ELC (on behalf of Coalwatch Comox Valley) analyzes the jurisdiction of local governments, and sets out a menu of options for communities to consider in deciding how best to protect themselves from mining impacts. [Download the PDF report]