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Prince George, BC

Public Participation in Proposed Prince George Industrial Projects

Media: Westcoast Olefins pulls out of Polyethylene Project, still going ahead with Pineview plant (2021 Oct 20) Proposed $5.6 billion petrochemical plant criticized by Prince George residents (2021 Sep 22) CBC News West Coast Olefins opposition reaches PG City >

Elk Valley Wildsight

Canada’s Failure to Control Elk Valley Coal Mine Pollution

This summer, the ELC asked the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development and the Auditor General of Canada for an inquiry Into Canada’s failure to control Elk Valley’s coal mine pollution. The comprehensive submission, prepared on behalf of Wildsight, >

Entrega Demanda Mari Luz Canaquiri Plano Abierto

Recognizing Indigenous Laws and Jurisdictions: Examples and Opportunities

The ELC’s work primarily serves British Columbia, but it often has much wider usefulness and impact. Such was the case that led to our recent collaborative work with the Justice and Corporate Accountability Project (JCAP) on an Amicus Curiae brief >