ELCS Board of Directors 2008-09

Community Board Members Gillian Calder Gillian Calder, Law Professor Gillian is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law where she teaches Constitutional Law and Family Law. She joined the faculty in 2004 from the practice of Aboriginal law in Vancouver. Her areas of research interest include the relationship between women, work and family; constitutional and equality theories; and performativity and law. Currently she is fascinated by the role of political theatre in legal and social movements, including the potential for sustained environmental change. Claire Hutton Claire Hutton, First Nations Outreach Coordinator, Sierra Club BC Chapter Claire works for the Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter as the First Nations Outreach Coordinator in the Forest, Lands and Communities Program. She works with First Nations on the North and Central Coast to strengthen the capacity of local communities and support community based projects that will improve ecological and human wellbeing. This work supports the implementation of the land use agreements signed between the province and First Nations in the Great Bear Rainforest. Claire has a background in natural resource management, with a BSc in Biology and Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Resource and Environmental Management. Previous to her current job, Claire worked for a First Nation community on southern Vancouver Island as their forestry and environmental coordinator. Claire has also worked as an environmental and outdoor educator. Robert Janes Robert Janes, Lawyer Robert Janes, of Cook Roberts LLP, is a litigator with extensive experience in aboriginal and public law. Robert acts for First Nations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario in matters relating to aboriginal and treaty rights, matters arising under the Indian Act and other proceedings of concern. He also provides advice to a number of First Nations engaged in the British Columbia Treaty Process. A member of the bar of both British Columbia and Ontario, he is a graduate of the University of Toronto Law School and has been in practice since 1992. (Link to online bio.) Maeve Lydon Maeve Lydon, Associate Director, Office of Community-Based Research at UVic Maeve Lydon works for the Office of CBR at the UVic. She has worked with local and national NGOs for 25 years in the areas of human rights, community development and sustainability. In Victoria she co-founded groups including Common Ground, the Victoria Coalition for Survivors of Torture, the Global Village Store. Specialty areas include community mapping and participatory planning for NGOs, organizations and neighborhoods. Maeve has been on the board of the ELC for over 10 years. Dan MacIsaac Dan MacIsaac, Lawyer On the ELC board since 2004, Dan is the managing partner of the law firm of MacIsaac and MacIsaac. He has appeared as counsel at all levels of court in British Columbia from the Provincial Court to the Court of Appeal. His primary areas of practice include land litigation. Alyne Mochan Alyne Mochan, ELC Alumnus Alyne Mochan is now a happy west-coaster after escaping the frozen north of Alberta after undergrad. After completing an undergraduate degree in Political Science and two years of Environmental Studies, she left for Japan where she taught Engllish and French for 6 years. She returned to attend UVic Law, where she enjoyed being in the ELC clinic and working for the ELC one summer. Alyne articled with Cook Roberts and is currently an investigator at the Ombudsman’s office. In addition to remaining interested in environmental issues, Alyne is active in community restorative justice groups. Andrew Newcombe Andrew Newcombe, Law Professor Professor Newcombe is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Victoria, where he teaches commercial and international economic law. Prior to joining the Faculty of Law, he practiced public international law and international arbitration law with a law firm in France. His current research focuses on international investment law and international sustainable development law. He has been on the ELC board since 2003. Karla Point Karla Point, Councillor, Hesquiaht First Nation and UVic ELC alumnus Murray Rankin Murray Rankin, QC, Lawyer Murray Rankin is a partner in Heenan Blaikie LLP. He has provided legal advice concerning environmental matters to a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. Before going into private practice, Murray taught environmental law at the University of Victoria from 1977 to 1993. He was appointed Adjunct Professor of Law in 2004. (Link to online bio) Student Executive Board Members Lukasz Awlasiewicz, Project & Events Coordinator Lukasz is a second-year student at UVic law.  He is passionate about the outdoors and endeavours to spend the brunt of his spare time therein.  Lukasz studied Biology at the University of Victoria prior to going to law school and is excited to incorporate his science background into his legal education.  Lukasz helped the ELC get its hands dirty last year in partnering with Saanich Parks to restore native species to a site in Mt. Douglas Park. Tharani Balachandran, First Year Representative Tharani Balachandran is a first year student and a born-and-raised Victorian.  Before she succumbed to the enticing lure of Uvic law school, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Global Resource Systems at UBC and spent a few years travelling and volunteering in Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and India, doing random things like teaching English and making compost.  She is passionate about experiencing different cultures and protecting our beautiful surroundings.  Tharani is excited to be a part of the ELC and its environmental initiatives. Micah Carmody Micah Carmody, President Micah’s most rewarding life experience to date came in 2006 when he volunteered for two months at a sea turtle conservation project in Costa Rica. His inspiration to pursue legal studies came when frustrated project biologists opined that sea turtles need more lawyers on their side. Micah has since written about how international and domestic laws protect (read: fail to protect) sea turtles. He spent summer 2008 working alongside his heroes at Ecojustice in Vancouver.   Sarah Cunningham, member at-large Ryan Drury, member at-large

Moving to Victoria from oil and gas town, Ryan is an apologetic third-year student who considers himself somewhat of a late (environmental) bloomer. He has studied environmental law, environmental law clinic and looks forward to forestry law next spring. In his spare time he enjoys criticizing the actions of irresponsible government and checking the swell forecast.

Elizabeth Farries Elizabeth Farries, Communications Coordinator One of Elizabeth’s first volunteer positions was habitat restoration in the endangered Burn’s Bog ecosystem. After obtaining her B.Sc., she worked in remote northern boreal research sites on a climate change research project. She interned with the Sierra Club of Canada, BC Chapter, where she co-wrote The Endangered Species Toolkit: A Citizen’s Guide to Protecting Biodiversity in British Columbia. Elizabeth is interested in social justice and sees this as a necessary ingredient for realizing positive environmental change. Katie Hamilton Katie Hamilton, Upper Year Representative Katie is a second year student at UVic Law. She comes from an undergrad at Queen’s in environmental science and biology and did her thesis on heavy metals and freshwater chemistry in the Rideau River. She loves nature and has spent time in areas as diverse as the Arctic, the Sahara desert, and Central American rainforests. She is very excited to be one of the ELC’s reps and hopes to be able to combine her science background with her law knowledge to work in the area of environmental law and policy. Ethan Krindle , First Year Representative Ethan has spent most of his life trying not to become a lawyer, and look where that has gotten him.  Prior to capitulating, he studied Ecology and Entomology at SFU, where he did research into biological control and the biological origins of cooperative social behaviour in insects.  Unfortunately, he likes bugs better when they’re alive, and no one seems to want to pay him for this.  Ethan plans to focus on Environmental Law as soon as they’ll let him and joined the ELC because he was impatient to get started.  On rare occasions he dances; it is not safe to stand near him when he does this.   Dea Lloyd , member at-large Derek Noyes , member at-large

Derek is a second-year student, hailing from Thunder Bay, ON.  Holding three degrees from Lakehead University, he has worked as a burger-flipper, a park ranger, and a teacher.  His true love has always been Mother Nature; and like so many others, he left everything behind to pursue his seductress.  Other interests of his include running, adventuring, mountain sports, and ancient Greek history.

Eric Regehr, Treasurer Eric is a 2nd year student at UVic. As a Saskatchewan transplant, Eric revels in the outdoor wonders of the West Coast, spending the summers camping, biking, running, hiking and (his favourite) kayaking. Eric’s environmental leanings developed in the years between the completion of his history undergrad and decision to attend UVic law, and he is excited to be part of the ELC to watch the law work to enact positive change.   Matt Schissel, Treasurer Michaelin Scott Michaelin Scott, Vice President Michaelin Scott did her undergrad at Queen’s University in psychology, and she came to UVic to study environmental law and to get involved with the ELC. She loves her work with the Club and she feels it’s a good stepping stone for her potential career in public interest environmental law. Michaelin will be working as ELC’s first Co-op student this Spring. Sarah Sharp Sarah Sharp, Vice President Sarah has been involved with the ELC since her first year in law school. Before moving west she completed an undergraduate degree in Biology and Geography at Queen’s University with a focus on conservation, climate change and biogeography. Sarah has participated in several environmental initiatives both locally and abroad, and has worked as an educational assistant, a project consultant, and as a researcher and analyst. Sarah plays outside (biking, hiking, camping, paddling, kicking a ball or tossing a disc) whenever possible. Hart Shouldice, Project & Events Coordinator

Hart is an Ottawa boy but also has deep roots in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.  After heading to Mount Allison University in rural New Brunswick for an undergrad degree in Geography and Religious Studies, he took some time to travel, farm organically in New Zealand and feast on live music.  Realizing he couldn’t make a career out of being an earth education director at summer camp, he came to UVic Law hoping to emerge prepared to work towards protecting the mountains he loves so dearly. Hart likes playing outside, running triathlons and waiting for a Phish reunion in his spare time, and thinks that everyone should spend some time in Canada’s North.

Jill Vivian, Summer Coordinator

Jill Vivian is a third year student at UVic Law, and is a fan of nature, the outdoors, and most animals (spiders are an exception). She has worked for the BC Ministry of Transportation’s climate change team and helped develop a project to clean up our local marinas (and therefore our oceans) through the ELC Clinic.  She is passionate about protecting the environment and is excited to be a part of the great work the ELC does in using the law to generate awareness and change.