Carmen Gustafson

Early morning paddle at Schwatka Lake, right in Whitehorse, Yukon

Earlier this year, we were thrilled when we ran into former articled student Carmen Gustafson to see that she was still working on environmental law issues, and we asked her for an update on her work and some thoughts on her articling time with the ELC in 2011.

Since November 2018 I have been legal counsel in the Natural Resources and Environmental Law (“NREL”) group at Yukon Government. Our group provides advice on a variety of legal issues related to environmental and resource law, from prosecutions to contract review. When I was at ELC one of the projects I assisted on was Calvin’s book of law reform ideas for BC (a copy proudly sits in my office). That project opened my mind to imagining how environmental and resource laws might better serve the public interest. Articling at ELC also grew my passion for environmental law and solidified my desire to find a career outside big firms. Keeping in touch with ELC contacts and reading about successes of former students and lawyers kept that passion alive. Shared articles at ELC were a great way to kick off my legal career, because not only did I get to spend time at ELC, it also allowed me to be creative in my options for the second part of my articles. I came to Yukon to work at a small firm that may not have taken a chance on me for a full article. That four month article turned into a nearly 4 year job, a permanent home in the Yukon and subsequent opportunities in law that I would never have imagined possible. Thanks to all the lawyers, staff and students at the ELC, I had a wonderful experience and the very best possible start to my legal career! 

We’re Hiring!

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