CRD Biosphere Reserve

November 17, 2010

Can we become the world’s most liveable community? The ELC, Sea-to-Sea Greenbelt Society and The Dogwood Initiative invite CRD residents to come November 23 to this informative night to hear about about a historic proposal to designate the CRD as a UN Biosphere Reserve. We will discuss how a Biosphere Reserve could promote urban sustainability, cultural awareness, and protection of vital old-growth forests and greenspaces. There will be the opportunity to network with local non-profit organizations, businesspeople, politicians and sustainability advocates. Refreshments provided by Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub Coffee from 2% Jazz Coffee

Click here for an event backgrounder. (to be posted)

Click here to read the op-ed in the Times Colonist written by ELC Legal Director and ELC Clinic Student Jenni Campbell. (to be posted)

Click here to read more about the CRD Biosphere Reserve in the Nov 17.10 Times Colonist article. (to be posted)

Click here to view the ELC’s video Under the Biosphere.