Elk Valley Wildsight

Canada’s Failure to Control Elk Valley Coal Mine Pollution

Elk Valley Wildsight
High elevation grassland habitat in the Elk Valley. The site of Teck Coal’s proposed Castle coal mine. (Provided by Wildsight)

This summer, the ELC asked the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development and the Auditor General of Canada for an inquiry Into Canada’s failure to control Elk Valley’s coal mine pollution.

The comprehensive submission, prepared on behalf of Wildsight, requests an investigation and report into the regulatory negligence of Environment and Climate Change Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Coal mining in the Elk Valley has boomed in recent decades, which has drastically increased pollution in the Elk Valley watershed, and four new coal mine projects are being proposed. Since its release, the submission has generated significant interest and support from a variety of parties, including groups and officials across the border and the Ktunaxa Nation, which has called for a moratorium on assessments of new coal mines in the Elk Valley and, in a submission to the federal and provincial governments, mentioned support for the ELC’s inquiry request.

ELC Submission: