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MARCH 2023: In case you haven’t heard, things are changing around the Law Faculty with renovations and the building of the National Centre for Indigenous Law building, where the ELC will have offices. Over the next while, we’ll share behind-the-scenes photos so you can follow the changes.

Fraser Sidewalk Before Img 1673Fraser May 2023
May 2023


As part of the Fraser building renovation project – which is separate from the construction of the National Centre of Indigenous Law (NCIL) building – all ELC staff offices moved shop at the end of August from the second floor of the Law Library to the 3rd floor mezzanine of the Law Library. The new spaces are temporary until the NCIL is ready, hopefully next fall. The space is smaller, but we are grateful to still be in the law building and all together (even if we are right above the destruction and reconstruction of our old office space – short-term pain, right?) In the past couple of weeks, there’s also been new construction of a new heat plant, which will be near the back loading dock of the Fraser building. Suffice it to say that this fall has been a cornucopia of excavators, cement mixers, sledgehammers, and power tools!

Fraser Entry Way BeforeFraser Entry Way Nov 2023
Fraser entry way progress!