Fraser River

Protecting the Heart of the Fraser

Fraser River

Over the past year, the ELC analyzed a variety legal options for urgently protecting the prime salmon and sturgeon habitat between Hope and Mission (the “Heart of the Fraser”). This habitat is essential in order to support salmon runs, some of which are on the verge of collapse, and to sustain the foundational food source for First Nations as well as seals, sea lions, beaver, bears, deer, cougars and coyotes. The result of the investigations led to a submission to the provincial government in October on behalf of our client Rivers Institute requesting a new a new Wildlife Management Area for Heart of the Fraser. The request, submission is supported by BC Wildlife Federation and 27 other fish and wildlife organizations, suggests the area could ultimately be considered under the stewardship of local First Nations as an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area as part of BC’s commitment to reconciliation.

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ELC Submission: