How to Save a Lake: ELC special event Oct 29


Elk/Beaver Lake “A Tale of Two Lakes”: Can aging lakes be rejuvenated?

Oct 29 public form

University of Victoria, Fraser Building, Room 159

Public forum: 7-9pm

Information exhibition: 6-7pm (in Fraser Building Student Lounge)

Presented by the Environmental Law Centre and Victoria Golden Rods & Reels Society

Reasons to like Elk/Beaver Lake

  1. Over 1,000 acres of nature close to the city
  2. Summer beach time with friends or family
  3. Shoreline fishing on a Sunday afternoon
  4. Great place to walk your dog
  5. Rowing for sport or paddling for pleasure
  6. Watching Ironman competitions or January 1 polar bear swims
  7. It’s the headwaters of Colquitz Creek
  8. Walking or running through 10km of lakeside trails
  9. Identifying numerous plant and animal species
  10. All the above and more!

Many of these activities are now at risk as the health of the Lake is suffering. There are a number of reasons at play, but there are also solutions. Come to our public forum to learn more about what you can do to help improve water quality at Elk/Beaver Lake.

Let’s work together to make sure Elk/Beaver Lake is safe and clean!