Call for Independent Review on Proposed Mega Yacht Marina

Sept 21, 2009

Victoria Harbour’s mega-yacht marina project needs better public input and an independent environmental assessment process according to legal submissions prepared with the assistance of the ELC and delivered today to the Minister of the Environment Jim Prentice. Prepared on behalf of South Island Sea Kayakers Association (SISKA) and supported by a coalition of community, environmental, and paddling groups, the submission argues that the current closed-door, government-run assessment process must be replaced by full hearings before an independent, unbiased Review Panel.

SISKA Media Release

Letter:Submission to Minister of Environment (Sept 21.09)

Letters of Support


A Comments on the Victoria International Marina Project Environmental Assessment Reports, May 2007 and August 2008, by Brian Emmett. M.Sc., R.P. Bio.

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D Letter from Irene C. Faulkner, Barrister & Solicitor to the Hon. Ron Cantelon, Minister of Agriculture and Lands, dated April 14, 2009 E Letter from B.C. (Barry)  Hobbis, Director, Victoria Harbour Ferry to the Hon. Barry Penner and the Hon. Pat Bell, dated July 3, 2009

E1 Letter from Harbour Air Seaplanes to Transport Canada, December 1, 2008

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M Letter from Robert Prud’homme to Community Marine Concepts Ltd.

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V Various Letters to the Editor

W Media clips (1, 2, 3, 4)

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BB Example of email from Transport Canada  mailing open house invitation.

CC 24 June 2008 – telephone record – call from Robert Evans

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HH Notes of phone conversation between Mickey Lam (City of Victoria) and James Wilkinson (Transport Canad) dated October 16, 2008

II Letter from Dr. Gordon Greeniaus to Hon. John Baird dated March 11, 2009 critiquing  the developer’s  wave attenuator report


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CFUV radio interviewer Janine Bandcroft talks about the proposed marina with ELC Articled Student Scott Bernstein and Lynn McDonald from Save Victoria Harbour

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