Launched in September 2007, the ELC Associates Program connects lawyers across the province by engaging them in continuing legal-education type activities and bi-monthly teleconferences. ELC Associates share knowledge and collaborate on key environmental and resource development issues throughout the province. Click here for more information about the ELC Associates Program.

Many thanks to our ELC Associates, many of whom continue to be involved in the Program as ELC Fellows.

Cohort 1 (2007-2009): William J. Andrews, Kate Blomfield, Alyssa Bradley, Wally Braul, Jo-anna Cowen, Stacey M Edzerza Fox, Mark Haddock, Jennifer Millbank, Richard Overstall, John Rich, Stuart Rush QC, and Krista Robertson.

Cohort 2 (2009-2011): Tom Buri QC, Mitchell Couling, Michelle Ellison, Andrew Gage, Robin Gage, Jennifer Griffith, Judah Harrison, Kenyon McGee, Jennifer Milligan, Sean Nixon, Linda Nowlan, Angeline Nyce, Christine Scotnicki

Cohort 3 (2011-2013): Scot Bernstein, Susan Blanchet, Oliver Brandes, Karen Campbell, Kathryn Deo, Jason Gratl, Patricia Lane, Josh Paterson, Melinda Skeels, Tim Theilmann, Amber van Drielen, Drew Mildon, John Pennington

Cohort 4 (2013-2015): Patrick Canning, Brenda Gaertner, Lani Gibson, Anna Johnston, Ethan Krindle, Reidar Mogerman, Marie Potvin, Eric Regehr, Barry Robinson, Maya Stano, James Tate

Cohort 5 (2015-17): Hannah Askew, Morgan Blakley, Lisa Fong, Brenda Gaertner, Maegen Giltrow, Nathan Hume, Rosanne Kyle, Drew Mildon, Carrie Moffatt, Matthew Nefstead, Richard Overstall, Paul Seaman