Who we are:

The Environmental Law Club at the University of Victoria is comprised of law students from all years of law school. Our mission is to promote awareness of environmental sustainability and conservation issues to the student body and general public. The elected Executive members of the Club serve as 50% of the Board of Directors of the ELC Society.

What have we been up to:

Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC):

Each year, the Club sends a cohort of students down to Eugene, Oregon, to participate in the oldest environmental law conference in the world, which hosts over 3,000 attendees each year. The conference provides students with the invaluable experience of connecting with other like-minded students, professors and lawyers from around the world, and to learn of the latest developments in the growing field of public interest environmental law.

Speaking events:

The Club hosts many speaking events focusing on current environmental issues. Past speakers have included John Borrows and Andrew Nikoforuk.

Film screenings:

The Club also hosts film screenings of documentaries that educate the law school and public on environmental issues. A recent screening outlined the concerns with the proposed Site C dam in Northern BC.

Participation events:

The Club is active in the law school and hosts at least one “bike to school” week per year, which seeks to educate and reward students who bike or walk to school.

Other events:

The Club also supports opportunities for students to hone their legal skills, be it through our participating in the annual Environmental Law Negotiation Competition at UBC, or having a team in West Coast Environmental Law’s Twitter Moot.

Climate Change Litigation for Beginners Website:

The Club, together with Pro Bono Students Canada volunteers, has set up and entertains a website which explains the topic of climate change litigation. Check it out here:

How can you get involved:

Keep up to date on our events by following us on Facebook.