Competition Bureau Complaint cover

Competition Bureau Investigation into Coffee Pods Recyclability Claims

May 2019 co-submission with Ecojustice to Canada’s Competition Bureau asking for an investigation into Keurig Canada’s claims about the recyclability of their coffee pods. RESULTS: In response, Canada’s Competition Bureau ordered Keurig to stop their misleading advertising, fined them $3million, and ordered them to donate $800K to an environmental charity approved by the Competition Bureau.

Cover 2021 02 01 Local Government Jurisdiction Memo

Legal Memo on Jurisdiction of Local Governments to Oppose a Proposed Petrochemical Complex

Cover letter and Legal Memo prepared on behalf of Too Close 2 Home regarding the jurisdictions local governments have to oppose a proposed petrochemical complex in the Prince George area. For more information, see our request to the BC Provincial Government to conduct a Regional Assessment with public hearings.