Cover 2021 03 04 Final Bcwf Submissions 2022apr13

Request for an Audit and Examination of BC Hydro Funding of the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program

Submission prepared on behalf of the BC Wildlife Federation requesting an audit and examination of BC Hydro’s funding of the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) and the propriety of the FWCP’s current distribution of BC Hydro funds for fish and wildlife compensation projects.

Cover 2021 02 01 Minister Heyman Letter Jan2022

Comprehensive Environmental Assessment Application Regarding a Proposed Natural Gas Liquid Recovery Project

Application regarding a proposed Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Project in the Prince George area, submitted to BC’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and the Chief Executive Assessment Officer on behalf of Too Close 2 Home on January 31, 2022.

Competition Bureau Complaint cover

Competition Bureau Investigation into Coffee Pods Recyclability Claims

May 2019 co-submission with Ecojustice to Canada’s Competition Bureau asking for an investigation into Keurig Canada’s claims about the recyclability of their coffee pods. RESULTS: In response, Canada’s Competition Bureau ordered Keurig to stop their misleading advertising, fined them $3million, and ordered them to donate $800K to an environmental charity approved by the Competition Bureau.