Federal Government Action and Climate Change

An ELC Clinic report documenting federal government actions that subsidize the fossil fuel industry and enable greenhouse gas emissions.


Part I of this report details the specific methods by which the federal government provides subsidies and financial support to the fossil fuel industry. Where possible, it includes estimates of subsidies to the fossil fuel industry that have been published by government or calculated by non-government organizations.

Part II of this report summarizes federal legislation that enables and regulates the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Canada. It includes descriptions of:
a) legislation that finances fossil fuel projects;
b) legislation that sets GHG emission limits;
c) legislation that approves projects or activities that emit GHGs through a permit system; and
d) legislation that establishes standards and requirements for various products and goods that contribute to GHG levels.

Part III of this report provides a summary of the federal government’s purported actions to address Canada’s GHG emissions, via international agreements and domestic policies and frameworks.