Strategy for protecting the Skagit River Valley


The Environmental Law Clinic has collaborated with the Kathy and Steve Berman Environmental Law Clinic at the University of Washington to develop a strategy for protecting natural and conservation values in the international Skagit River Valley.

The Clinics reviewed the threats to both the US and Canadian portions of the Upper Skagit Valley, and recommended steps that the binational Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission can take to protect the valley. The final report recommended specific actions the Commission can take to ensure the establishment of new protected areas in the Canadian Skagit River watershed.

“Working to protect the Upper Skagit Valley was one of the most rewarding experiences of my young legal career. Having had the opportunity to spend time in the valley, I gained a deep appreciation for the unique scenic and environmental treasures this area holds. I get great satisfaction knowing that the report put together by the Kathy and Steve Berman Environmental Law Clinic and the Environmental Law Centre will assist SEEC in protecting this area for future generations. This project was special not only because of the work we accomplished, but also because of the people I met along the way. The international collaboration with Calvin Sandborn, Barb Harvey, and the rest of the Environmental Law Centre not only helped create a comprehensive report for SEEC, but it also provided the foundation for future work on international environmental issues. It was encouraging to see how two clinics from different countries could so easily unite for a common goal. Most importantly, though, is the knowledge that the Upper Skagit Valley is going to be around not only for me, but for generations of outdoor enthusiasts to come.”

University of Washington law student Seth Woolson