Seeking Public Hearings for TFL Subdivision Application

May 30, 2008

Victoria, BC – On April 14, 2008, Western Forest Products applied to subdivide lands stretching from Sooke to Jordan River.  In January 2007, the Minister of Forests removed these lands from provincially regulated Tree Farm Licences without notifying the public, local governments, or First Nations.  The subdivision applications now sit before the Ministry of Transportation’s provincial approving officer, Bob Wylie, who may accept or reject them.  If accepted, the proposed subdivisions would open up pristine coastal areas and expansive forest resource lands west of Victoria to low-density, residential and commercial development.

With the assistance of the ELC, the Sea-to-Sea Greenbelt Society’s lawyer has filed submissions encouraging the provincial approval officer to hold public hearings before he approves the subdivision applications.

Subdivision Application – Request for Public Hearing Documents:

Read the Executive Summary: Request for Public Hearings

Read the Executive Summary: Are Western Forest Product’s Subdivision Applications in the Public Interest?

Read the letter from Irene Faulkner, Counsel for Sea-to-Sea Greenbelt to the Ministry of Transportation

Read the full Submission to the Provincial Approving Officer


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(Jul 16/08)

ELC’s original request to the Auditor General

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C


(Oct 19/07) Background: ELC requests Auditor General Investigation

(Oct 24/07) Auditor General Agrees to Investigate Land Giveaway

(Nov 20/07) Supplemental letter to the Auditor General


(Feb 8/08)

Supplemental letter to the Auditor General

(Apr 14/08)

UPDATE: Summary of ELC Submission to CRD (September 29.09)

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